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Universal Princess SP (One Shot)

Universal Princess Special Chapter!
One Shot!

A cold breeze of wind touch her smooth skin as her silky auburn hair with a red highlight waving in the mid-air. standing over the post; looking the parade. The people celebrating what-so-ever eve despite of the bad weather.

A dark cloud forming in the sky and start rumbling.

She didn't  know why people still continue the parade. Is the upcoming event are really important to them? They were worshipping on someone that doesn't exist.

"Fool, you can't hide from me." Her eyes scanned the whole place.

 Suddenly, A red light flash in her eye. Heavy rain fell down on the ground. There are only few people running toward the shed. As they were busy running, walking and etc. she spotted the person that she had been looking for. She quickly jump off the post and landed on the roof, just to get closer.

She raise her hand over the head and chant a spell but failed when a man in a black cloak appeared in front of her, interrupting her. He has a big sword beside him. She concluded that he was one of her fathers' men.

That middle age man!

A strong wind blow that made her long skirt wave violently.

"I knew that i could find you here."

She could only see a half of his face. The half of it was covered by the hood. " What do you want?!" The princess asked coldly.

"I am here to take you back."

The girl growl. "You think you can just take me back to the palace with using that toy of yours? ha!"

Fuck, i don't have much time left. I need to find that bitch!

"Don't look down on me, little missy. I am one of the most strongest magic-swordman in our planet, if you don't know about that. Your father's not a blind for choosing me for this mission. He knows that you are not the same as before so he hired me to get you back from kingdom even if it means by forcing you." He draw his sword.

Yes, it was half of the truth. A girl that was kind, loving-girl and care about her kingdom but lets just put it on the side.

She smirk. "Aww... i am still the same, mister, but it just that not all the time that i will always follow the rule just because i'm a princess." The auburn hair girl glance at the people who are on the parade.

Shit! Where she go?! Fuck! shit!

Irritatingly, she gave the fucking guy a deadly glare.

Thanks to him i lost sight of her!

"You are really pissing me off. Why don't i show you how much i'm stronger than you?" She tilted her head backward as if she was looking down at him. clenching her fist and a little electricity popping on her fist.
He took off his black cloak. She slid her left hand inside her pocket. Suddenly, both of her brow arch from astonishment. "Wow! i thought you were an old man!"

He has the face of a prince! even if his wearing an armor i could tell that he's a muscular guy! if she could switch back now as a fragile girl then she could swear that she will be crush by that arm of him by just hugging.

She think he was about her age or two or four years older but it doesn't matter.

He clench his hand and gritting his teeth. "WHAT?! you thought that i was middle age man!"

"Well, yeah?"

"Are you fucking blind?! i am only 3 year older than you!"

"Oh yeah! how am i suppose to know about that when i couldn't see half of you face!"

She pull out her hand from her pocket. She concentrated her magical power through her forefinger and drew a invisible rod in the air, slowly, it. became real.

She snatch the rod in the air before it will fall. Swirling it on her right side. "Lets quit chichatting here. i am furious right now, because of you i lost sight of her."

"I don't what you are talking about. My objective here is only to bring you back that's all. Any hinder to my job shall be killed!"

"Then lets make a deal, mister, if you win i will go back to our planet and leave thismplanet. However, if i win you will go back home with a empty hand. I do not care if you will be demote from your rank. oh, i almost forgot, please tell my father that i am still the same baby girl that he knows and tell him my reason why i leave the kingdom. I just want to take a vacation here and study this planet. It's not that i wont come back." It was a lie. She doesn't want to cause more trouble from her father.

His face was puzzle and questionable but glad that he didn't ask her true objection of coming here.
A seconds pass by...

He was still hesitating about the deal but later he accepted it.


She run off straight toward him and gave him a blow. He manage to block her attack and push her hard that made her sprint out away from him and landed on the edge of the railing. She was almost slip out. "Damn rain! making me almost fall in the roof."

"You should focus on our fight, little princess." He said playfully as if thinking that she doesn't have a chance to win. She was suprise of how quickly he get here. He was about to strike her because she doesn't have a timw to dodge that attack she came up a idea.

"If you wound me. I am surely my father wont forgive you! remember he only order you to bring me back from him safely."

Oh boy! that was effective. He was stun what i said earlier.

I am not finish, yet

Suddenly i realize that their faces were one inch away and if someone saw them. She bet that they would think that they were kissing or something. A red forming on her cheek and was about to push him but if she make a bad move then she will be a goner. Again, an idea cross her mind.

Do it or never!

She wrapped her arm around his neck that made her suprise and his face became red and even more redder when she also wrapped her legs around his hips. It was her first time to do something lewd trick but she doesn't have choice for the sake of her own mission. Her mission. Alone. She will not let any people to stop her not even her other self.

"Wha-what the helll a-re you doing?" in a stutter voice. His hand was trembling that made his sword slip on his hand and fall from the floor.

He's strong. to keep us on balance and prevent from falling on the roof.

She smile slyly. "You are still a noob. You fell for a simple trick! hahaha!" I laugh hard though my heart was racing fast. She use a full force bent backward along with him to make him out of balance and fall off the railing. Yes, he was standing on top of the railings.

When her plan was succeed she quickly unwrapped her arm and legs. She gave him a upper kick in the air. The auburn hair girl hitted his chin and flew 20 meters away from her. Since, she is a skillful mage she could use a spell that could make her fly.

She simply followed where he landed.

"Aggh..... Dammit!" He was cursing while struggling from pain. He cough with blood.

I spun around andnstaring walking away from him. I halt when he called out my name.

"Princess Pheria! where.... agh... the hell are you going? we're not finish yet!"

"Sorry, mister, but the game has already decided whose the winner and that's me. I win and you lose. You better keep our deal. You have to tell them what i had said earlier. I know that i use a dirty trick but you given me no choice but to do it. I am not ready yet to go back. " The girl glance at him. "Once you heal your wound please leave this planet."

"Is your objective here was way more important than your family and kingdom?"

"Yes." Pheria said. There was a flash of sorrow in her topaz eye.

This is for the sake of them. I need to find that woman and kill her fast. Once i fail this mission the other princesses will be killed! and once that happen there will be a huge war will happen.

Pheria didn't hesistate to leave him. She know that he'll be alright. While walking, she chant a spell to make herself teleport somewhere far from him. second later, she is now inside the mall. I scan the whole place and check if there was someone saw her. Luckily, all the people were too busy to notice. She lift up her hand and place it on her chest and sigh from relief.

While standing there.

There was a four girls wearing a weird clothes run pass through her and the other girl with a short hair was trying to keep up with them while rubbing her shoulder. "Cold! Cold! I hate this place! i wanna go back!"

 She cried out.

"Hurry up, idiot!" A wavy hair girl shouted her. Seems, she's the only one who wear a earthling clothes-wait!-Those clothes.

"I know i seen it somewhere... but where?" She tilt her head in sideward. Looks puzzle.

She stare the short hair girl walk pass through in front of her. "Cold! Cold!"

Then a light bulb pop out above her head. That's it! They are came from another planet and those are the traditional clothes they wear; Venus, Uranus, Mars.... but the other girl who wear a earthling clothes seems to know them. Must be their friends...

"Saber." She call the name of the spirit. A saber tooth with a ornament on his chest appeared.

"You call, your majesty?"

"Yes, i want you to follow those girl." she pointed the five girls. "Collect some information about them."
Silently he followed those girl.

She close her eyes and concentrate to vision a particular place. When Pheria picture out the place she quickly teleported.

"Princess!" A baby bear call out and running towards her but she gave the bear a cold stare that made him to stop and hide in the back of the chair.


"Me?" He was adorable but she fight the urge not to hug or pinch his face.

Pheria was aboutntomsay something when she felt a little dizzy. "Damn! not now!"

She held the edge of the chair to support herself. No! not now!

"Why the hell she want to switch with me?! argh!" She curve herself into a ball.

A heat radiate from her body and the next thing was a black out...

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